Podcast: Some rivals ‘rain project money on fools’ so recruit and plan for tech success

If a boom goes on too long, Elon Musk says you get a misallocation of capital, “it starts raining money on fools.” True success depends on having the necessary skills to create innovative products, as Max Nirenberg, CEO of Commit USA tells Jeremy CowanIT consultant Peter Bowen shares a couple of horror stories with critical lessons for all of us planning digital transformations. And just as much of the world is heading into recession, Max tells Trending Tech Podcast how startups are still raising billions of dollars in new funding. While Peter reports on a US company developing utility-scale batteries using sustainable iron salts instead of scarce lithium. 

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Podcast: DX and AI failures: How NOT to be a casualty

Between now and 2024 about 50% of all finance artificial intelligence (AI) projects are forecast to be delayed or cancelled.There’s no digital transformation (DX) playbook, so listen to the latest Trending Tech Podcast as experts Ash Finnegan of Conga and Perry Krug from Couchbase explain how the number of DX projects worldwide is rising fast yet far too many transformations have failed, been delayed or scaled back. It could be the most valuable 20 minutes you spend this year! JoinJeremy Cowan to learn how the best projects avoid going pear-shaped. And, in What The Tech, hear how one Microsoft retirement has got developers rejoicing! 

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Smart Metering: 3 companies join forces to speed transition to an open energy market

Smart Metering is back in the news in the latest Trending Tech PodcastJeremy Cowan talks to three senior execs from Kigen, Kore Wireless and Energy Web to hear what Smart Energy players are demanding in security, connectivity, and data control. The experts explain how smart energy is changing with the Internet of Things. And finally, the podcast learns how close collaboration with OEMs is expected to accelerate transformations in the energy and medical markets. 

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Podcast: Telco fraud spikes in Ukraine, while service providers fined in US and UK

Crime and Punishment:It’s all kicking off in telecoms and IoT! As supporters try to keep Ukraine connected, experts see a huge rise in communications fraud. In the UK, administrators for failed CSP Phones4U allege some network operators colluded in its downfall – allegations they deny. Twitter can’t deny data breaches and coughs $150 million to US FCC. And Clearview AI is fined UK£7.5 million for illegally collecting facial images. Fraud expert, Kelvin Chaffer helps Trending Tech Podcast’s Jeremy Cowan make sense of it all. 

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Podcast: You’ll never need to know a password again!

Worryingly, drivers of connected vehicles may not control their car, says Julia O’Toole, founder of security company MyCena. All the vehicles’ internet-facing communications are entry points to hijack your car or tamper with signals; it’s a serious matter for the auto industry. Julia insists no one needs to know a password – ever. Plus the first factor in multi-factor authentication can be a weak, reused, phished, shared or stolen password – it has zero security. Fortunately, Jeremy Cowan hears that Ancient Greece holds a solution. And waste chip oil may be the answer for EVs in the Australian Outback. We are NOT making this up!

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Why aren’t auto makers unleashing the full power of connected cars?

Car makers are developing next gen vehicle-to-route connections and even brain-to-vehicle links, and not just for navigation or entertainment. Soon emergency responders will know an accident layout and see occupants’ health data before they even arrive. As IoT Now’s Jeremy Cowan hears from Benoit Joly, CCO of connected vehicle data firm Wejo,his company is already helping US authorities evacuate roads in the path of hurricanes. So why are automotive OEMs still not unleashing the full power of their data? 

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Podcast: Insider threats and how to beat them!

If you want advice on how to protect your organisation from Insider Threats go to the top as we did. In the latest Trending Tech Podcast, Eric Chilton, retired Special Agent in Charge of the USA’s Defense Counterintelligence & Security Agency outlines the key threatsAnd Ed Finegold, Chicago-based Tech Author & Analyst, discusses new research showing the scale of the cyber security problem facing every business today. You may be shocked, as host Jeremy Cowan was, at the range of threats, how long they go undetected, and the cost to unprotected businesses. Listen now to start protecting your organisation. 

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Podcast: Deepfakes and fraud: Coming to a phone near you!

Deepfakes? Aren’t they a bit Mission Impossible? Well, apparently not, as we hear from Dr. Nikolay Gaubitch at US-based network security specialists, Pindrop. In the latest Trending Tech Podcast, he says fraudsters have already used the AI-based technology with partial success in a $35 million bank fraud attempt in Dubai. This could become a common story if service providers don’t take preventive measures. And even fraudsters have been affected by Covid-led delays at contact centres. Now that’s a shame, says Jeremy Cowan, editorial director of IoT Now and The Evolving Enterprise! So hackers are bypassing the centres altogether. Plus, the Trending Tech Podcast tells how Google Maps helped catch a mafia boss on the run for 20 years. 

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Podcast: IEEE shows Zero Trust protects post-pandemic industries

IEEE senior member and Professor of Cybersecurity, Kevin Curran discusses the lack of protection from ransomware, but tells us how Zero Trust Architecture can build stronger protection for businesses with remote and in-office staff. If all else fails, says podcast host, Jeremy Cowan, buy yourself a nuclear bunker in Arizona. Proposed uses include a porn studio, growing medical marijuana, and escaping cosmic ray bit flips. Just $400k. 

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Podcast: Telcos and techcos ask, Where’s the gold in going Green?

Telcos and tech providers are accelerating their sustainability efforts, says Tilly Gilbert, principal consultant at STL Partners and a guest on the latest Trending Tech Podcast. Some are bringing forward net zero goals and C-suites are incentivising, but the real drive is coming from middle management. Amanda Brock, CEO of OpenUK, tells us bringing 5G-enabled data centres closer to end users can start a process to cut carbon emissions by up to 80%. And Amanda has bad news for Donald Trump; his Truth social platform is in for a short, sharp legal loss if he fails to comply with open source licensing terms for the Mastodon code it is using. 

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Podcast: Better buildings, cleaner air and is Meta really a clean break for Zuck?

In the latest Trending Tech Podcast Jeremy Cowan talks to Shaun Cooley about using machine learning to map buildings and get the best from them.

And in the wake of the COP26 climate conference, Dr. Paul Carter tells us how we can cut air pollution worldwide with a low-cost, low-power, end-to-end solution on secure wireless networks. Plus, does Facebook know it’s taking on some bad metaverse baggage with its new name Meta? How do we regulate tech when legislators don’t even understand Insta? And your old phone may be worth more than you think! 

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Podcast: Will eSIM enable IoT security at scale?

In the latest Trending Tech podcast we discuss the hopes in IoT for enhanced security and more efficient, lower cost operations. What role will be played by eSIM, iSIM, remote SIM provisioning and subscription management? And to tell us who’s adopting the tech and why, we have expert input from Loic Bonvarlet of IoT security enabler Kigen, and Matt Hatton from analysts Transforma Insights.

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