Podcast: IoT is boosting healthcare professionals’ efficiency

There’s no time like a pandemic to talk about Connected and Remote Healthcare. And who better to ask about it than two senior execs from a mobile network operator successfully delivering these services now to millions in its home market. Luc Vilandre and Mike Cihra from Canada’s TELUS talk exclusively to Jeremy Cowan, host of Tech Trends Podcast and Robin Duke-Woolley, founder of Beecham Research about choices in hospitals between WiFi 6 and 5G, smart healthcare services, and about the insights that IoT brings to help decision-making. That’s before we dive into some weird and wonderful stories in the wider tech world.  

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Podcast: Tackling telecom pain points to aid new services

Telcos worldwide are facing competition over their new services from agriculture to telehealth logistics to manufacturing. It’s vital for them to roll-out new services quickly, reliably, scalably and interoperably with their partners. This kind of openness can only be built on common frameworks, micro services, APIs, and configurable multi-capabilities. Fortunately, Sunil Diaz, General Manager Enghouse Networks, can guide us through this, joined by IoT analyst Josh Taubenheim from US firm MachNation. Enjoy our podcast as it’s time to look again at the serious and the far-less-serious Tech News.

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Podcast: Edge starts to play central role in enterprise 5G

So much to cover in 30 minutes: We’re at the beginning of the centralised role that MEC is going to play in enterprise 5G, as Dheeraj Remella, CPO of VoltDB tells Tech Trends Pod. He deftly handles the loaded question of where to bring edge intelligence. And we’re at another watershed, says analyst, Jim Morrish of Transforma Insights; 2020 is a TIPping point in the drive to OpenRAN. Open architecture is in use at Vodafone, Telefonica, Etisalat, and Japan’s Rakuten, to name just a few telcos. Oh, and it works! And before we share what made us laugh, hear how virtual reality training in the enterprise is faster and cheaper than old school methods as you learn 3 steps to improve your business training. 

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Podcast: Smart homes revolution is coming!

Brand new connected home over IP (CHIP) standards from the Zigbee Alliance are set to give frustrated smart home owners the ease of use, security, and interoperability they demand. But not before Jeremy Cowan and his guests Steve Hanna of Infineon and journalist Dave Howell tackle the messy issues of Elon Musk and pigs’ brains, anti-COVID wearables, and ‘smart motorways’ that are just dumb!

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Podcast: Hackers beat AI, Robots for SMEs, and Putin out big claims

Matt Hatton of Transforma Insights tells the Tech Trends Pod host, Jeremy Cowan about 7 ways to harness ArtificiaI Intelligence, IoT and other disruptive technologies for your competitive advantage. Journalist Nick Booth reports that academics are forecasting chipsets made for the edge will overtake AI chipsets for the cloud in 5 years’ time. While Jeremy’s still wondering why Russia’s COVID vaccine wasn’t good enough for its President. Just Putin that out there.

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Podcast: Cave Dwellers, Privacy, Huawei and Buzzsaws

Guest Alicia Asin, CEO of IoT specialists Libellium, asks “Is it really necessary to expose our privacy to control pandemics?” Privacy Purists are in the spotlight as Jeremy Cowan and George Malim ask Alicia how enterprises should balance free services and access to our data.

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Podcast: Digital Transformation: It’s critical, but not all serious

We take a look at the Internet of Things business and Digital Transformation. George Malim examines what’s behind the news that NTT DoCoMo has binned all further work using Narrowband-IoT. Matt Hatton busts some Internet of Things myths. And Jeremy Cowan asks them both to describe how everyone’s business landscape will change after COVID-19. Plus what made us laugh in tech lately. Because Life’s already serious enough.

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