How eSIM can become a root of trust to deliver critical IoT applications

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Will eSIM enable IoT security at scale?

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Will eSIM enable IoT security at scale?


  • Crime never sleeps and neither does IoT: George Malim asks if eSIM has done enough to address IoT's expanded threat surface?
  • Is eSIM a decisive opportunity for MNOS to be guardians of trust?: Transforma Insights' Matt Hatton explores how eSIM can become a root of trust to deliver critical IoT applications
  • New approaches to innovation help secure IoT in a 5G world: Vincent Korstanje considers what is needed for a rich roadmap of system innovations across high reliability, device connectivity and cost
  • eSIMs re-invent secure, trusted connectivity: George Malim finds that standardisation, automated provisioning, and renewed focus on secure credentials are driving eSIM uptake

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