How eSIM can become a root of trust to deliver critical IoT applications

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Will eSIM enable IoT security at scale?

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Will eSIM enable IoT security at scale?


  • Crime never sleeps and neither does IoT: George Malim asks if eSIM has done enough to address IoT's expanded threat surface?
  • Is eSIM a decisive opportunity for MNOS to be guardians of trust?: Transforma Insights' Matt Hatton explores how eSIM can become a root of trust to deliver critical IoT applications
  • New approaches to innovation help secure IoT in a 5G world: Vincent Korstanje considers what is needed for a rich roadmap of system innovations across high reliability, device connectivity and cost
  • eSIMs re-invent secure, trusted connectivity: George Malim finds that standardisation, automated provisioning, and renewed focus on secure credentials are driving eSIM uptake

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Report: Edge computing will be critical for digital transformation

Technology enabled solutions are becoming ever more critical to the day-to-day operations of many enterprises. Among the most impactful technologies are artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and next generation communication technologies such as 5G. Edge computing may garner fewer headlines, but it is a key enabler for many solutions that utilise the emerging technologies listed above, writes Jim Morrish, a founding partner at Transforma Insights.

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5G and MEC encourage edge intelligence to become pervasive

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) is coming together with the low latency mmWave connectivity enabled by 5G to make intelligence at the edge a reality that truly enables bi-directional digital conversations and gives the potential for technologies such as digital twins to be operated effectively. Here, Dheeraj Remella, the chief product officer of VoltDB, tells George Malim, the managing editor of VanillaPlus, how the challenges associated with MEC are being addressed and why, for many, once they’ve looked over the edge, there will be no going back to centralised, remote architectures.

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Why low latency is vital for edge success

5G, edge computing, digital transformation, digital twins, machine learning and AI appearing together looks like a buzzword bingo. But there is a rational connection between these topics and technologies, writes Dheeraj Remella, the chief product officer at VoltDB.

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Can it be safer on the edge?

Children are warned to stay away from the edge of cliffs, bridges, roads and rivers, but in computing, the edge is turning out to be one of the safer locations for hosting processing power and analysing data. Antony Savvas explores why this is the case, while also addressing the security concerns that do exist around edge computing and assessing how these are being resolved.

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