Crime never sleeps and neither does IoT

New technologies always bring new risks and often an expanded threat surface so has eSIM done enough with the latest IoT SAFE initiative and moves to enable it as a secure element, asks George Malim?

A bright new day for operators

The telecoms industry has a bad reputation for innovation and is seen by many to have missed out on the major new, digital opportunities of the last three decades. This is broadly unfair as telecoms operators have provided the hyper-connectivity foundation that is enabling all of these services. Operators have worked within the constraints of the traditional market place, bringing ultra-robust, high-availability services to market rather than the best effort, beta products of the digital age that rely on customer-led development.

Voice and messaging ready for new experiences and revenues

Jorn Vercamert is vice president of communications solutions at BICS, an international communications enabler headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The company focuses on providing global mobile connectivity to more than 150 million devices, as well as seamless roaming experiences with 50% of the world’s data roaming traffic flowing over BICS’ network. BICS also provides fraud prevention and authentication, as well as other services, from global messaging to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Four operator strategies to improve monetisation

Application-to-person (A2P) messaging is an area where operators continue to see steady growth. An increasing number of enterprises are recognising the importance of SMS in their omnichannel strategies on account of its ubiquity and reach, and this rise in A2P messaging offers revenue potential for mobile operators that is yet to be realised today.

Report: How CSPs can better monetise their networks with 5G Value Plane

The advent of 5G will unlock new possibilities for cellular network-enabled solutions of all kinds, ranging from consumer broadband services and gaming propositions through to complex mission-critical IoT solutions and simpler low-bandwidth IoT monitoring solutions. Jim Morrish, a founding partner of Transforma Insights, explores the opportunities.

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Why 5G’s value is now plain to see

With 5G now emerging as a commercial reality in some markets, much of the early activity is happening in private networks. These provide an early opportunity for service providers of various types to monetise 5G. However, as public networks add further coverage, 5G will enable an even larger number of use cases. The technology enables opportunities from selling network slices for specific functions to enabling assured experiences.

Inside the use cases that enable 5G monetisation

5G offers the potential for tailored performance for the first time and this means CSPs can focus on the value they provide for each service rather than only the network access. Enabling new forms of monetisation is the key to 5G profitability and creating a sustainable market place for 5Gdependent services.

Report: Edge computing will be critical for digital transformation

Technology enabled solutions are becoming ever more critical to the day-to-day operations of many enterprises. Among the most impactful technologies are artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and next generation communication technologies such as 5G. Edge computing may garner fewer headlines, but it is a key enabler for many solutions that utilise the emerging technologies listed above, writes Jim Morrish, a founding partner at Transforma Insights.

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