Podcast: From local mastery to global expansion: The IoT journey with Singtel and Bridge Alliance

In this Trending Tech Podcast episode, Jim Morrish of Transforma Insights navigates the intricate landscape of IoT connectivity in Asia. Joined by Ignatius Lee from Singtel and Alan Yeo from Bridge Alliance, the trio delves into the challenges and potential of cellular IoT solutions in the region. From Smart Nation initiatives to vision of becoming a global connectivity gateway, the conversation offers a deep dive into the future of IoT in Asia and beyond.

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Podcast: What the FUD? How disruptor telcos are beating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

The challenge for network operators is “massive” as we transition to 5G, says Rabih Dabboussi, chief revenue officer of Japan-based disruptor Rakuten Symphony. He hopes operators won’t miss the chance to disrupt their thinking, their operating model, and the way they look at revenues. Because for the first time in three decades, he says there’s an alternative to “the old legacy, standardised technology stack and equipment from typical vendors”. Francis Haysom of Appledore Research and VanillaPlus’s Jeremy Cowan take turns to quiz the vendor who’s also a mobile operator.

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Enterprise messaging: Four operator strategies to improve monetisation

Application-to-person (A2P) messaging is an area where operators continue to see steady growth. An increasing number of enterprises are recognising the importance of SMS in their omnichannel strategies on account of its ubiquity and reach, and this rise in A2P messaging offers revenue potential for mobile operators that is yet to be realised today

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